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  on 03/04/2010

The following images are for aircraft construction reference.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Great Lakes throttle, mixture, prop linkage.

Great Lakes fuel valve.

Great Lakes solenoids, regulator, ammeter shunt.
Great Lakes fuel valve lever.
Great Lakes fuel lever.
Great Lakes ELT mount.
Great Lakes backside of firewall.
Stearman pitot lines.
Stearman front electrical tray.
Stearman front cockpit headrest mic jacks.
Stearman throttle quadrant, trim lever.
Stearman radio mount.
Stearman rear cockpit mic jacks in headrest.
Stearman master & starter solenoids mounted behind rear cockpit.
Stearman ELT mount.
Stearman radio mount.
Stearman side console mount.
Stearman tube mounting.
Stearman rear cockpit panel.
Stearman front cockpit panel.
Stearman left front fuselage.
Scott Rodriquez's fuel selector valve.
Scott's fuel selector linkage.



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